ROSSIO  will provide a platform with digital content related to Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, with open access to all resources. It will ensure the organization, interrelation, contextualization and sharing of digital objects dispersed by various academic and non-academic, public and private institutions.

It aims to foster the development of high-quality research on Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities SSAH, stimulating new agendas and debates, while generating synergies and articulating people and institutions, stimulating scientific innovation and disseminating cultural heritage.

It also contributes to the internationalization of studies on SSAH, with researchers from all over the world, especially from PALOPS and CPLP, providing easy and transparent access to content in Portuguese, since part of their memory is preserved in Portugal.

The platform intends to be decisive in the training of millions of Portuguese speakers, from these countries and from communities around the world, as a unique way of accessing numerous data and knowledge about their culture.

The availability of this content will contribute to a society more informed about its cultural heritage and the preservation of its memory. Academic knowledge will be made accessible to a broader audience through exhibitions and virtual collections, contributing to better decision-making processes. Another objective of ROSSIO is to build a sustainable network of SSAH content providers, creating new connections between academic and non-academic institutions, as well as disseminating skills and tools among users of the platform.

ROSSIO provides four essential services:


Simple and Advanced Search

Search engine, where you can perform simple and / or advanced searches. In the latter case, the research is more concrete and oriented towards controlled vocabularies, with filters that allow a more immediate approximation to the desired result.

 To be available soon.    

Digital Exhibitions and Collections

Exhibitions and digital collections on concrete themes of wide interest held based on the digital resources of the various members of the ROSSIO consortium to be added to the platform, revealing the diversity of documentary typologies and their richness.    

To be available soon.    

Virtual Research Environment

Work area accessed through registration but free. In it, the user will be able to perform searches (simple and advanced), select his favorite digital resources and organize them in folders, as well as send and receive files and collaborate with the developers of the ROSSIO platform.

To be available soon.    

Training Actions

The ROSSIO infrastructure has been developing training actions on Digital Humanities applied to Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, as well as with regard to the future platform and the services to be made available.  

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