Since 2014, the ROSSIO infrastructure has been part of the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest (RNIE), falling into category 1 (Category 1 – those that have demonstrated high scientific potential and are considered to have high strategic regional and/or national relevance). This roadmap was updated in 2020, integrating 16 new infrastructures and starting to account for a total of 56.


In 2016, ROSSIO infrastructure competed for the financing program for the Lisbon Regional Operational Program, supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Foundation for Science and Technology / MCTES, through national funds (PIDDAC), as a project nº 22139 – ROSSIO Infrastructure – Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, since December 2017.


ROSSIO is also the Portuguese representative in the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH). The availability of digital resources will be complemented with services for the dissemination of SSAH activities, training activities and partnerships with cultural and creative industries.




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