Talks@ROSSIO.Com | 1st Session: Save the data

Talks@ROSSIO.Com (PT: Conversas@ROSSIO.Com) – which will be broadcast live on ROSSIO ‘s Youtube – is an initiative that intends to invite different stakeholders to reflect on the role of ROSSIO in the community, bringing to debate issues such as access to information, digital preservation of Portuguese cultural heritage and the archives of the future.

The first talk “Save the data: Como os Arquivos web combatem a desinformação” will take place on September 28th – International Day for Universal Access to Information –, at 6 pm. For this session we have invited Ricardo Basílio ( and the winners of the 2021 award – Leandro Costa, Paulo Martins and Professor José Ramalho to discuss how web archives can help fighting misinformation and fake news.

In order to highlight the importance of public access to information, will talk about the preservation of sites on the Portuguese web, namely the documented truth in web archives, accessible to everyone online. and ROSSIO intend to contribute to an inclusive knowledge society through universal access to information.

The winner of 2021 award was the “Major Minors” project, an Ontology of press clippings from Portuguese newspapers with reference to social minorities. This project aims to map and study the representation of minorities in the Portuguese journalistic context over the first two decades of the 21st century.